Below I have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to my Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please E-mail me at ScottMatthews1957@Yahoo.com or or call me at 573-281-0006 and leave a message.


Q: Where are those pictures I saw you taking at the game?  Where are the pictures you took of/for me?

A: They will normally be posted on my photo site within a week of when I took them.  You can get to my photo site by clicking here.


Q: I don’t want everybody to be able to see the pictures you took of me. Do they have to be posted to your site?

A: No. I find that posting them to my photo site gives people a lot more freedom as to when and how they look at the pictures.  I can either not post them at all or I can post them in a password-protected file that only you and I can access.  Your choice.


Q: Why were the prices on the photo site different from what you told me?

A: The photo site does not belong to me. They are resellers of my photos and charge their own prices.  Any prices I quoted you, or special offers I may have made you, were for orders placed directly through me.


Q: How do I order directly through you?

A: Go to “Before You Order”. There are full instructions there.


Q: Why do all the pictures on your photo site have PROOF written across them

A: Hopefully, it will prevent some people from copying my images from that site.  Those images (and the ones on this site) are low-resolution copies of my work and I hate to have them “out there” representing my work.  The pictures I sell are high-resolution and look much better than the ones on the site.  The pictures on both sites are low-res so that the pages will load more quickly for viewing.


Q: Do you do location shoots?

A: Yes! Some of my best photography has been done in locations as varied as a caboose, a grain mill, a barn, an abandoned house, and more.  Unfortunately, due to the rising price of gasoline, I may have to request compensation for excessive travel expenses.


Q: Do you produce portfolios for models?

A: Yes! I have done model shoots with some very talented models and will produce a modeling portfolio for you at a reasonable cost.  As I sometimes have need for models for particular shoots (see below), there is always the possibility that I may be interested in doing a model’s portfolio for you at a reduced cost, or even for free.


Q: Do you ever hire models?

A: Yes! As my love of photography is based in my love of art in general, I do sometimes have ideas I would like to pursue which require a model. If you are interested in doing modeling work for me, we can set up a test shoot that, obviously, won’t cost you a dime. If I have need for your type of model, I’ll contact you.


Q: Do you ever use models who don’t have that “perfect” model look?

A: Yes! With my focus on art, I can use models of most any type: male, female, old, young, muscular, plus-size, slender... just about any type.  Let me know you are interested. If, or when, I have need for your type, I’ll contact you.


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If you are interested in working with me as a model, please fill out and submit the Model’s Questionnaire on the following page by clicking the link above.  Please be aware that the “submit form” button does not work properly for everyone. To help solve this problem, after you submit the form, send a separate email to me at scottmatthews1957@yahoo.com and tell me you sent the form.  If I don’t receive it, you can highlight the form, copy it, and paste it in the body of an email, then send it to me that way. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks!  I look forward to the possibility of working with you!

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