These links take you to other sites that I think you may find useful or interesting.  I recommend each and every one of them.  Click on the banners to go to the sites.

Formerly  Owned and operated by Jason Shelton out of Bernie, Missouri.  When nobody else would or could get high speed wireless to me out here in the country, I found Jason. He said, “no problem”.  They cover a large area of Southeast Missouri.

The above link will take you to my photo site, where you can find the photography I’ve done for individuals, families, myself, and at sporting events everywhere.

LeGrand’s Hy-Tek provides high-speed internet, network installation and repair, and video security systems.  They also do a great job with computer repair and service. Rich and his tech crew really go above and beyond the call of duty for their customers.

Luminescent Designs is owned/operated by Aaron “Wonder Boy” Luke and does light shows for concerts such as the “Sara Evans Greatest Hits Tour”. Aaron is one of that group of “wunderkinds” who have come out of the Malden area in recent years. Check out the photos of some of his shows to see how good this young man is.

This is David Black’s site which showcases news and events in and around Malden, Missouri. Besides being a great friend, David is one of the best photographers around and has a great site.

It's not just a name, it's a tradition! For 60 years Skeeter Kell Sporting Goods in Kennett, Missouri, has been the premier team sports supplier for area schools, coaches and players. They gave me a lot of help when I was setting up my home gym, and they’ve helped me with photoshoots as well.  Some of the equipment in the photos I did for came from Skeeter Kell.


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